Male Infertility Treatment

Before we venture into male infertility treatment, we should know the things that constitute male infertility. It is all about the inadequacy of man to generate the sperms or even producing the sperms in the reproductive system. Male infertility occupies 40% of the reasons behind overall infertility issues. Around 50% of male infertility problems are effectively restored or cured. However, anyone who is diagnosed with it will have lots of questions to answer.

Though it is frustrating, proper treatment will help you to overcome the issue and raise the chance of making your partner conceived. At Usma Clinic, we have a team of medical professionals who are expertise in it, and they can offer you better treatment with leading technology and equipment. We maintain all the health-related information confidentially, and so you can feel free to discuss your issues with them

Know about male infertility

Male infertility is the lack of ability to generate sperms or even generate quality sperm that can fertilize the female’s egg. Infertility is the inadequacy of the partner to get expectant after twelve months of non-contraceptive, consistent sexual intercourse. For 40% of infertile partners, male fertility is the underlying cause. The evolution of the issues at the early stage will be easy, and there is a high chance for a perfect recovery.

When should you approach us?

Impotence is the inability to keep an erect and pain during the time of intercourse, which is the common symptom of male infertility. Retrograde ejaculation will ultimately lead to dehydrated orgasm as the semen is not ejaculated away from the human body but into the bladder of the male which is another manifestation of the male fertility problem to care for. Genetic and chromosomal disorders and problems with sperm production and delivery present without any symptoms of male infertility classified by the experts. if you have any of the symptoms related to this then it’s time to have a consultation with us.

Why do men have infertility?

There are lots of reasons for men's fertility, and some causes are listed below.

  1. Irregular swollen veins in the testicles called varicoceles are the most popular reasons behind male infertility, giving rise to lower sperm generation and poor sperm quality.
  2. Chromosomal or genetic challenges will commonly affect sperm generation can finally lead to a lower number of sperms and concentration in sperms.
  3. A purely natural physiological congestion or even clinical vasectomy in the male tubes will bear the sperm from the testicles to blends with semen even before ejaculations.
  4. Psychological and physical issues or any spinal cord wounds will finally result in impotence and men's infertility.

Common treatment options

At Usma Clinic, we follow the latest technology and treat them for the perfect results. Some treatment we involve in is as follows.

  1. Assisted reproductive technology
  2. Medical and behavioral counsellin
  3. Hormonal treatment
  4. Surgery

Why choose us?

Though there are many medical facilities all over Delhi, we are serving as one of the best clinics to treat male infertility issues. Some reasons for it include.

  1. We have the best infrastructure to treat the patients
  2. Friendly technicians and medical team who can make you comfortable with the treatment
  3. Competitive price for overall treatment
  4. We ensure confidentiality throughout the treatment.

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